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Finding the Balance

It's not an unusual occurrence on the Cape to have sections of beach restricted when the piping plovers are nesting. These small birds, who race back and forth with the waves, are an endangered species and as such are carefully protected. Although the right thing to do, it's often met with annoyance from the beach lovers who are frustrated at not being able to access the beach or enjoy driving on the remote stretches of shoreline.

One of the challenges Cape Cod has always faced, and much more so in recent years, is the balance between our tourism and the preservation of our beautiful habitat. One might be perceived as more of a necessity and the other more of an obligation. The truth is, they are both an important part of our beloved island and must co-exist. There is a critical balance that must be found, and kept. If we lose one we will ultimately lose the other.

And so therein lies our challenge. Promoting our tourism while being the caretakers of our environment, preserving the beauty that brings people here to live and visit. Maintaining what we have in order to continue offering it for future generations, while finding the opportunity to also enjoy it now.

The piping plovers are not an inconvenience, they are a reminder of our concern for a greater good and the importance of finding balance.

Click here to see how they accommodated the piping plovers at West Dennis Beach when they were nesting.

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