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It's a Dogs Life

Housing needs vary greatly and everyone has a different idea of what makes a house a home. To some it's a spacious, new construction house with an open floor plan and to others it's a small, first-floor condo within walking distance to the town center. To a lucky few, like Ranger, the perfect house is in the home of someone who loves you and is also creative enough to build you your own space under the stairs.

My good friend, Jonathan Watkins, is not only a dog lover and creative craftsperson he is also a very talented photographer. He is my photographer of choice when I market my listings because he not only provides a superior final product, but he is also easy to collaborate with and makes the photo session fun.

If you're in the market for a photographer please visit Jonathan's website at JFW Photography and check out some of his other photos. If you're in the market for a dog house you might need to keep looking for someone this creative and talented. I know I'm not letting my dog, Sadie, see these photos!

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