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Follow Your Dream

I had the honor this week of listing a unique property in North Chatham with spectacular views of Chatham Harbor and the Atlantic Ocean. What makes this property so unique, besides the amazing view, is the circa 1803 sea captain's house that sits proudly on the crest of the lot like the beacon on a lighthouse.

More than just the lot, or the house, or even the view, is the dream. This particular lot can accommodate a very large house, or estate, or combination of a main house and a guest house. Large windows, creative design, strategic positioning, and a widows walk can all make the most of what the view has to offer. But what is your dream?

The ocean has always nourished my soul. It's where I have gone to celebrate and where I have gone to reflect. Somehow the strength of an angry sea and the tranquility of calm waters helps me think. And process. And put the pieces together.

So the dream, for me, is to be close to the sea. To watch the fog roll in, smell the salt in the air, and hear the gulls overhead. To be reminded at any given moment that whatever problems seem insurmountable to me are small in comparison to the expanse of the ocean or the strength of it's current.

To see what inspired me to think again about my dream please visit the magic of Spindrift.

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